Regional Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee
This is a key period for ASHRAE, engaging with elected and appointed officials at all levels of government on a global basis. It is vital that a network of active engineer-advocates exists worldwide to impress upon decision-makers how their choices will impact society and HVAC&R professionals specifically and create a sustainable built environment.
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Regional Vice-Chair

Tim Ashby
Wake County Government
(919) 697-9617
E-mail Tim
A new standing committee beginning in Society Year 2013-14, the Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee (GGAC) wants members at all levels of ASHRAE to be a part of this new and exciting program. In Society Year 2015-16, the Advocacy Committee and the Grassroots Government Activities Committee merged into the Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee, bringing all of ASHRAE's government affairs under one umbrella.
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